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Lighthouse Learning Trust logo

 Lighthouse Learning Trust 

We have provided leadership and direction for the marketing department of a trust comprising two sixth form colleges. We have transformed the department's approach and attitude and secured extensive coverage in local and regional media and on national TV and BBC radio. We have reinvigorated its social media with the introduction of new platforms, extensive planning and student-led content that has seen engagement and followers rise. We have led a branding exercise resulting in a new brand strategy for the trust and its two colleges. We have introduced two annual festivals that have driven up student applications, successfully led the admissions team on student retention and devised a new awards event to engage business.

Meadow Communications have been so much more than a PR and comms partner. As our trust has developed over the past two years, Bev has been critical to the development of our marketing, communications, and student recruitment team, building a strong and capable team delivering excellent service to our colleges. They have also offered an impartial sounding board for new ideas and helped to shape our direction and growth plans supported by exciting new branding.

Gary has also offered his expertise and alongside Bev's wonderful tenacity we have seen the trust and our colleges achieve an expediential increase in positive media coverage. But they never forget the students, and getting our student community involved, as their voice is key to our future success. Thank you, Bev and Gary.

Angela Berry, Chief Executive


Dorset community foundation logo


 Dorset Community Foundation 

We write press releases and social media content and maintain an on ongoing relationship with local and regional newspapers, magazines and radio to place articles in print, online and on air. We manage the community foundation's social media accounts and website, write and design reports and create graphics and videos. We have led the way in the design and execution of the foundation's Hidden Dorset website, written all the content and sourced pictures.

Gary has added a new dimension to our comms and PR by radically improving our storytelling. He has a knack of getting brilliant human stories from the groups we fund and translating that into press releases that really convey the impact we make. As if that wasn't enough, he then gets them published.

Grant Robson, Chief Executive


Milk & Tweed logo

Milk & Tweed portfolio
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 Milk & Tweed 

We have delivered PR for this growing web design and marketing agency, securing more than 50 pieces of publicity in local, regional and national publications and websites. In addition we now provide PR for the agency's clients – writing press releases and securing publications, identifying suitable awards and compiling entries.






Mintivo logo

Mintivo portfolioClick to enlarge image



Through Milk & Tweed we have worked closely with Mintivo, an IT support and strategy expert, to identify suitable stories worthy of press releases, carry out interviews with both them and their clients, write press releases, source pictures and secure national and regional publication.

Mintivo is not only a fast-growing company with a great story to tell but also a really interesting range of clients and it has been really good to get to understand their business and how Mintivo's IT expertise is helping them.

Gary Lawrence



White Horse Housing Association 

We have helped WHHA improve its communication with tenants through producing copy for a quarterly newsletter which involves interviews and ghosting columns, sourcing pictures and producing graphics. We have also identified stories for press releases that have earned local and national news and trade press coverage and also radio airtime. We have compiled awards entries that have earned nominations and assisted with copywriting for letters and brochures.

Gary has done some great work and really enlivened our newsletter and communications. Our profile has really been raised.

Steve Warran, Chief Executive


 Wessex community action logo


WCA News Articles







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 Wessex Community Action 

We have carried out interviews and sourced pictures for press releases for this county-wide charity that have earned local and national coverage for this county-wide charity. We devised an awareness campaign for an online community portal which included news stories, social media and posters. We also came up with the idea for a monthly volunteering column to promote the portal and have secured regular slots in two publications. We worked to restore access to the charity's Facebook page after it was disabled and recommended new practices to avoid future issues.

Gary's advice and guidance helped us shape our thinking on how we promoted our new portal and his idea for a column has been very successful.

Amber Skyring, Chief Executive


The wiltshire bobby van trust logo

The wiltshire bobby van trust team
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 The Bobby Van Trust 

We are identifying stories worthy of press releases to promote this well-established charity's services and fundraising events, as well as assisting with social media. We are also advising on promotions and using our network of contacts for general assistance and awareness.

The Bobby Van Trust is such a well-loved charity, we enjoy being able to share its stories and secure some well-deserved coverage both locally, regionally and nationally, of its brilliant work.

Gary Lawrence


Wiltshire community foundation logo

 Wiltshire Community Foundation 

We have supported the foundation's marketing manager through copywriting, writing case studies and designing adverts, brochures and social media artwork, sourcing images and setting up radio and TV interviews. We have carried out interviews, taken photographs and written press releases, magazine features and social media copy, using our network of media contacts to secure more than 400 pieces of media coverage. We also devised press and social media campaigns for specific appeals. We have produced short films to mark specific campaigns or highlight funder partnerships and social media videos.

Gary Lawrence is a legend. He goes above and beyond to provide great PR and marketing advice and support. His knowledge and contacts are unrivalled and his ability to meet ridiculously tight deadlines, and remain humorous, has been a huge asset to me and my team.

Fiona Oliver, Joint Chief Executive



Stonewood logo

 Stonewood Group 

We have worked with this flourishing construction business to raise its profile at a local and national level through coverage in local media and national trade press. We have promoted the company's growth from a £200k a year firm to a £40m plus business through profiles and stories in local, regional and national news and trade media. We compiled entries that were successful in securing nominations and award wins in several national trade awards.

As part of our work we have raised the profile of its new property developments with press features, video and web copy and have also produced copy for its sales brochures.

Gary has been a tremendous support to the business, both in terms of advice and guidance on our approach to PR and marketing, but in spotting opportunities to promote our business through storytelling. He has been part of our growth almost since day one.

Gavin Calthorpe, Director


Acorn community bank logo

Acorn community bank portfolio
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 Acorn Community Bank 

We have identified stories to generate press releases and then carried out interviews, written and distributed them, gaining local and national coverage. We devised a media campaign to publicise the bank's name change, identifying and liaising with media in key areas. We have also produced photographs and social media copy.

Changing your brand is never an easy task, particularly when part of that change is going into a new area and replacing a well-established name. We were pleased to assist by securing coverage in all of the areas Acorn works in. It has also been a pleasure working with some lovely people.

Gary Lawrence



Chippenham town council logo

 Chippenham Town Council 

We have worked with this forward-thinking body on a project to handle publicity for its devolution project, under which it took on ownership of new assets from Wiltshire Council. We handled the sensitive subject of a Council Tax rise while promoting the responsible work way the council manages its current assets. We wrote articles for local media and liaised with BBC radio and TV over on air features and produced video for the council's website. We have also publicised an ongoing mental health project for sports clubs with newspaper and magazine articles and radio features.

Without a doubt it was a pleasure to work with Gary who was able to design and deliver a variety of methods of delivering the messages in a timely and entertaining manner. I can unreservedly recommend Meadow Communications as efficient, knowledgeable and effective.

Mark Smith, Chief Executive


Adorn logo




We worked with this respected Salisbury beauty salon to write a marketing plan and produce a video to mark its anniversary, as well as copy for its website and social media.

Bev and Gary from Meadow Communications worked with us on a rewrite of our website, customer testimonials, new photographs for the website and some social media. We were very pleased with the results.

Tammy Allen, owner


Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership logo

 Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership 

We have been engaged to write a series of personality profiles for Visit Wiltshire's Great West Way tourist route. These profiles took the form of Q&As and highlighted the characters ton be found along the way as well as their inside knowledge of the best places to visit.

Gary's work for the Swindon & Wiltshire LEP was just what we needed at the time. He quickly understood what we were seeking to do and used his excellent experience to shape our communication pieces accordingly. Our approach has improved as a result of Gary's input.

Paddy Bradley, former CEO


Wiltshire life logo

Wiltshire life portfolio
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 Wiltshire Life 

We have written more than 100 features articles for this monthly county magazine, some serious, some light-hearted, but all of them have people at their heart. We have also sub-edited the magazine.

Gary is a joy to work with. He is a talented journalist who understands how to get the very best out of the people he interviews. He always manages to get the balance right whether it's dealing with a sensitive subject, sporting success or an amusing incident. If you want someone with the ability to work to tight deadlines, with a contact in every corner of Wiltshire then look no further than Gary.

Georgie Green, Editor


The oxford times logo
The Oxford Times portfolio
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 Oxford Times/Oxford Mail 

We write regular travel pieces and gig reviews for these award-winning daily and weekly newspapers.

With elegant writing, a quick wit and a gift for observing the kind of details most of us would completely miss, Gary at Meadow Comms is a great journalist, reviewer and feature writer. His inciteful, beautifully-phrased - and brutally honest –  writing for The Oxford Times is loved by readers and respected by those in the industry, coming as it does from a place of knowledge informed by years of experience of the food and hospitality industry, along with strong links – and a palpable love for – the performing arts.


Metro logo

Metro portfolio
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Gary sub-edits stories and features for Britain's best read daily newspaper. The Metro is designed to relay the news in a concise, entertaining but unerringly accurate fashion to morning commuters who are likely to spend less than 20 minutes soaking up what has happened in the last 24 hours. The job involves cutting agency news items of sometimes up to 900 words down to fewer than 200, without losing any of the key details.

Working alongside some supremely talented writers and sub-editors is a brilliant learning experience. Using the words sparingly to tell a story quickly but in a compelling fashion is a real challenge but an incredibly useful skill.

Gary Lawrence


Barts Charity Logo

Barts Charity Portfolio
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 Barts Charity, Royal London Hospital 

Gary designed and produced a brochure for the launch of the hospital's Organ Donor Memorial, created by artist Saad Qureshi, featuring pictures, donor families and recipients' stories and other interviews. Many of the stories were written by the patients and donor families themselves and had to be sensitively rewritten and edited to make their style consistent and readable without losing their personality. The brochure is on permanent display alongside the memorial to tell the story of its conception and creation.

Gary, thank you for completing this for us, especially within such a short time frame. It looks superb!

Lynne Barrass, Consultant, Royal London Hospital



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